Frequently Asked Questions

How can I book my appointment for a new consultation?
Please contact your GP and he will send a referral letter to Surgical Healthcare Ltd via Albyn Hospital GP admission. Alternatively you can call Yvonne Hay on 01224 553039 to assist you in arranging your appointment.
How quickly I can see a consultant?
There are clinics on Tuesday, Thursday and Friday. If you prefer any other time please contact Yvonne Hay on 01224 553039 and she can help arranging an appointment that suits your committments.
Are there any additional charges for the new and novel treatments that are not available on NHS?
Currently there are no additional charges and all the invoices are made based on the treatment offered to the individual patients. Please arrange an appointment to discuss these requirements with us.
What is the current waiting time for the operative treatment?
The current waiting times are dependent on the work load in Albyn Hospital that is used by many specialities. Consultants work flexibly and we aim to offer you the first available operative slot in Albyn hospital but sometimes there can be wait for 1-2 weeks.
How frequently the follow up visits are required?
This is arranged based on individual circumstances and type of surgery performed. We arrange to see all our patients 3 weeks after surgery. Usually only one follow up appointment is required for non complicated surgery. In case of complex surgery, we will discuss this before the operation and before discharge.


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